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Tips For Avoiding Heat Damage

We all love to change up our hair with some beautiful curls or straightening it for a sleek look, but as we all know, heat styling isn’t the best for our hair. We completely understand that you won’t just throw out your heat styling tools to help save your hair, but we will give you some tips to help reduce the overall damage heat causes!

Sometimes it’s best just to skip a day. If you don’t need to style your hair for the day, then don’t! Giving it a break, even just a few days a week will help lower the damage and look so much healthier! Avoiding the heat styling tools as much as possible is a great start.

Helpful hint here! When you are using any kind of a heat styling tool, ALWAYS use a heat thermal spray to help protect your hair! Personally we love Aquage Beyond Body spray and EiMi Thermal Image spray.

Depending on your hair texture, you need to adjust the temperature of your tool. If you have thick and coarse hair, you can use a higher heat. But work your way up to a higher heat so you don’t burn your hair! If you have thinner, more fine hair, you do not need to use a lot of heat to get the look you desire. Smaller sections can help you style quicker, even with less heat!

Another way you can help with damage is hydrating your hair with treatments. Heat dehydrates your hair so when using heat styling tools, try using a conditioning treatment before and/or after to keep it from drying out!

These few tips will get you on the way to better hair! While we know it is hard to avoid using your favorite heat styling tool, these few steps can help avoid the damage it brings.

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