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Specialty Services


  • Eyelash Extensions Full Set
    Create an everyday look with our eyelash specialist. Eyelash Extensions create a fuller and longer lash look. *Need to be filled every 2-3 weeks.
  • Eyelash Extensions 2 Week Fill
    Maintain your Eyelash Extensions with regular fill appointments.
  • Eyelash Extensions 3 Week Fill
    Depending on lash loss cycle, maintain your lashes with regular fills.
  • Eyelash Tinting
    Darken your natural lashes with our eyelash tinting services. Create an effortless everyday look that makes your lashes look more prominent without makeup.
  • Eyebrow Tinting
    Darken your natural brows with our eyebrow tinting services. Create a natural everyday look without having to use makeup.
  • Lash Lifting
    Give your eyelashes an extra boost with our perm like service.
  • Eyebrow Lamination
    Enhances your natural brow shape and provides a fuller more uniform look.
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Hair Removal

  • Brow Shaping
  • Lip
  • Full Face
  • Ears / Nose
    ea. $18.00

Our Haircut prices are based on the Level of Stylist you are booked with. 

Master Stylist               $40+

Senior Stylist                $34

Experienced Stylist       $31

Junior Stylist                 $28

New Talent                    $24

Have a preference? Just ask!