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M.J. Capelli Curly Cut

At M.J. Capelli, we offer seperate haircutting services catered to your unique texture!

What you can expect during your appointment: When you come in for your cut, your stylist will consult with you and assess your hair based on it’s current health, length, and desired shape. Your stylist will educate you on the ”low to no shampoo” lifestyle, and how to properly hydrate and style your hair. All haircutting will take place while your hair is 100% dry. Each curl will be cut individually to length that not only complements the curl, but also the shape and style desired. Before leaving, your stylist will teach you how to care for your hair, what types of products to use, and will recommend a care and cut routine suited for your needs.

How to best prepare your hair for your cut: The following steps are crucial to getting the best cut possible. To work with your hair, we need to see your curl pattern, and how you style your curls. Do not come with slept on, or second day hair.

  1. Wash your hair with your favorite products or method. After washing, leave your hair very wet. Do not brush your hair or detangle yet.
  2. Apply your favorite styling products.
  3. Use your hand to rake the ends of your hair to detangle, and then scrunch well.
  4. Air dry or diffuse- whichever is your typical method.
  • If you air-dry, make sure you start early enough so that your hair is 100% dry before arriving at the salon.

Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears or using clips, ponytails, barrettes, brushes, braids, curling irons, or flat-irons on your hair as this will impede our ability to assess your hair’s natural texture and curl pattern.

Please note that if the hair needs a complete cleansing and re-styling before and after the haircut, and additional charge will be applied to compensate for the extra time required if it’s available, or you may need to be rescheduled. To avoid this please follow our steps for hair cut preparation.

Our Haircut prices are based on the Level of Stylist you are booked with. 

Master Stylist               $40+

Senior Stylist                $34

Experienced Stylist       $31

Junior Stylist                 $28

New Talent                    $24

Have a preference? Just ask!