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Is Your Shampoo and Conditioner the Best for You?

Are you feeling like your hair is dull, dingy, or even laying flat? Maybe it’s time to change up your shampoo and conditioner. You should consider switching over to a salon-quality set and here’s why!

Simply put, professional products are better for your hair in the long run! They don’t have the harsh chemicals that drugstore products have, which cause damage. It may seem like you are saving money this route, but you probably find yourself later needing to repair your hair with quality products or services in the salon.

The most obvious benefit is color preservation. If you have color treated hair, it is imperative that your shampoo and conditioner help preserve that vibrancy. Drugstore products tend to strip the hair of that color, which then causes fading and more frequent color appointments.

Buying your shampoo and conditioner in the salon also helps produce less waste, since you don’t need to use as much product at a time! A little goes a long way with this more sustainable solution! Plus, with fewer toxic chemicals used, your hair will love the all-natural ingredients.

Helpful hint here: If you are having trouble deciding if you should switch your products or even where to start, please call or visit any of our locations! We would love to help direct you towards the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs.

Professional products are designed for hair types. It’s super important to be using products that will help your hair to achieve your desired outcome. For example, if you are having scalp problems, there is an array of different shampoos and conditioners in the salon that provide relief for exactly that problem! Feeling like your hair is lying too flat and you aren’t getting enough volume? We have products for that too! Whatever your hair is lacking, switching over to professional level shampoo and conditioner is the best thing you could do for yourself!

Our Haircut prices are based on the Level of Stylist you are booked with. 

Master Stylist               $40+

Senior Stylist                $34

Experienced Stylist       $31

Junior Stylist                 $28

New Talent                    $24

Have a preference? Just ask!