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At Home How-To’s: Pull Through Ponytail

With summer almost here, why not show you some quick and easy styles you can wear even at the lake or dress up and wear to a wedding or date night! This will be the first in a blog series of quick at home styles you can whip up in no time! They work for all hair types and can be modified to suit your hair.

For this style you will need a curling iron of your choice, with a thermal heat spray of course! You also will need some hair clips, a few hair ties and some hairspray. A cute accessory is also optional.

Step 1: Use a thermal heat spray (Wella-Thermal Image) on your hair before curling. Then spray with a hairspray of your choice (Aluram Finishing Spray) and brush out curls.

Step 2: Section out the front two sections of hair vertically from the ear forward.

Step 3: Pull all of the remaining hair in the back into a low ponytail. Tie off with a hair tie.

Step 4: Take the front two sections one at a time and twist them away from the face. Pull them apart and tie them together at the back of the head, just above the previous ponytail. Make sure to leave a little slack. Feel free to leave out some face framing pieces in the front!

Step 5: Take those two sections between your pointer and thumb fingers and twist it to the side. Pull the low ponytail through that loop you just made and pull the sections tight!

Step 6: Spray with hairspray to finish the style and feel free to add a cute accessory!

Hope you loved this quick, cute style! Stay tuned for another At Home How-To!

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