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2022 Trends You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

2022 Hair Trends

Curious as to what your style should be in 2022? Well, let’s all get in our time machines and head back to the 90s! Your new trendy style can be something as simple as the claw clip, or learning how to give yourself that just left the salon bouncy blowout. Read more to see what trends will resurface themselves in 2022!

Women's Style Trends

Mid-Length Bobs

Looking for that timeless style that suits almost anyone? Then this chic cut is for you. It can be cut blunt and styled sleek, or you may add in a-lot of layers and texture to get that effortless hair. This classic look has been around for years and is working its way back due to the famous Kourtney Kardashian!

Natural Hair

Curly friends, we have the style for you! 2022 is looking very minimalistic for the beauty industry. It’s time to embrace your natural beauty! With the the help of our curly cuts and our product Quiet Calm Control Curl Cream by Innersense, your natural curls will be bouncy, soft, and frizz free.

Bouncy Blowout

The trend that broke the internet… We are sure you’ve seen this 90’s style all over social media platforms with voluminous curls and curtain bangs. This look is inspired by Farrah Fawcett and can be easily recreated at home with the use of a blowdry brush and some velcro rollers!

If you want this amazing look, take a look at our Blowout for Beginners full tutorial! 

Sleek & Shiny

Who doesn’t want sleek and shiny hair like Kim Kardashian!? Kim’s stylist, Chris Appleton worked with Color Wow on his DIY secret to creating the signature sexy style. They developed the Money Mask, which is great for all hair types. This at home hair mask hydrates to the core, creating expensive-looking hair.

Men's Style Trends

Modern Mullet

Billy Rae Cyrus may have helped elevate the famous mullet in the early 90s, but the Men have spoken and we do not think this hair trend is going away any time soon! This trend can be created in many ways. For instance, perming the back with racing stripes on the sides or keeping it modern and shaggy like the classic Billy.

Faded Buzz Cut

The style that will be around forever. The classic buzz cut with an excellent fade is also here to stay in 2022. Whether you have blonde hair or dark hair, a tight fade and sharp line-up can elevate your classic style. 

Color Trends

Chocolate Brown

My brown haired ladies or gentleman, are you tired of your high maintenance hair and ready to step back into the natural look? Well look no further, in 2022 our favorite chocolate hair is making its glorious return!

WE perfected this hair look by utilizing the following formula, AlterEgo’s Techno Fruit 6/31 and 6/7.

Honey Blonde

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, natural beauty is on the rise! You can create this look many different ways. A balayage being the most popular technique for that lived-in look. If you are wanting a more dramatic honey blonde, you can choose to do a full highlight.

Fashion Colors

Guess who’s back…. we continuously see high fashion colors walking in our door. This trend got stronger 2 years ago when everyone was experimenting at home with the bright colorful money piece. There is no longer is a dress code for many who work from home so why not show your true colors! Fashion colors allow you to express who you are and your personality. 2022 is looking BRIGHT!

Raven Black

As always, a beautiful deep black has been such a staple through the years. Celebrities showcase such stunning black locks all over social media platforms and it never gets old! You can even pair it with subtle highlights or a balayage to give your hair an elevated look. 

Accessory Trends

Claw Clip

Claw clips were a major hair accessory to have in the 90s and TikTok has brought them back to life. Running late for work or an event or tired of your usual messy bun? Go grab yourself a claw clip, we sell the perfect ones to have on hand in the salon! Here is a short tutorial on how to perfect the claw clip!

Chunky Clips

We know them, we love them,  and we know all of our moms loved them in our hair when we were 5. But these amazing clips have come back in a new more age-appropriate form. Elevating your look and appearance with two easy steps. WE are loving these affordable clips right now!

Our Haircut prices are based on the Level of Stylist you are booked with. 

Master Stylist               $40+

Senior Stylist                $34

Experienced Stylist       $31

Junior Stylist                 $28

New Talent                    $24

Have a preference? Just ask!