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Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is the time for carefree days spending all your free time outside in the warm weather. But with that can come a whole array of problems for your hair. That’s why making sure you are doing all you can to keep your hair as healthy as possible is super important! Avoiding excess heat is a great way to start! There’s enough heat outside so why add to the problem? Give the heat tools a break by letting your hair air dry or find a cute heatless style you can give a try. You can also try texture sprays to give a beachy wave! We love the Aquage Sea-Salt Texture Spray! Condition, condition, condition! Your hair can get just as dehydrated as you can while you are soaking up the sun. Come in for a conditioning service or try one of our take home conditioning masks you can grab in any of our locations! You can also switch your shampoo and conditioner for a more moisturizing combo, like our Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich! Here’s a Helpful Hint: double check your products for UV Protection! This is almost like a sunscreen for your hair and it helps block fading of color and the absorption of the damaging rays! Feeling like your hair is almost crunchy or really hard to brush? This is most likely caused by the extra time we spend in the pool in the summer! The minerals that can build up in the hair, like chlorine, start to change how your hair feels. No worries, we can help! Demineralizing treatments, like our Malibu treatments, help clarify all the minerals that can build up on your hair. Schedule a treatment today! Also, try not to skip a quick trim. Scheduling regular trims will help keep your hair less tangled and help with breakage that can be caused by dry hair. Fortunately, you can try these tricks and products to help your hair this summer! Call us to book your next appointment now!