Lash Tint and Lift


With summer right around the corner, we are always looking for ways we can cut time on getting ready. One great way is to have one of our stylists here at M.J. Capelli perform our Lash Lift and Tint service on you!

What is a Lash Lift and Tint you ask? A Lash Lift is a chemical process, much like a perm, that is used to change the structure and texture of the lashes. It’s customizable depending on the size and lift that you desire. Adding a lash tint as well can make it look like you have mascara on without any of the hassle!

Anyone who wishes to add more curl to their pre-existing lashes and who love a more trouble free natural look, this is for you! It’s a quick service in the salon and you will love the low-maintenance in the morning or when you are relaxing at the lake. Perfect for those who have a sensitivity to strip lashes and the adhesive.

Lash Lifts need to be performed every 6-8 weeks to stay looking great! Let us know if we can get you in soon. Let’s get you booked at one of our multiple locations in town so you can start loving your new lashes!

Humidity Tips

Living here in Fargo means that in the summer, we battle fierce humidity and combat all the unwelcome side effects of it. So here are a few tips to help you deal with the humidity!

Use a humidity fighting spray, whether that be with hold or no hold. We love Amika’s The shield anti-humidity spray! Another favorite is using a high hold spray like Bedhead.

When using products to help fight humidity it is best to keep it light when applying anything with high hold. Try to keep a light hand when using a strong hairspray, for it might backfire as soon as it gets heavy from the humidity!

Another really good tip is to master a go to hairstyle that you love. Try pulling your hair back, especially if it melts on a humid day, into a low ponytail and loosen a few hairs around the face! This can be a casual way to run errands or you can dress it up for work too! Come in to any of our locations and grab some cute scrunchies or hair clips to help pull your hair back!

Tips For Avoiding Heat Damage

We all love to change up our hair with some beautiful curls or straightening it for a sleek look, but as we all know, heat styling isn’t the best for our hair. We completely understand that you won’t just throw out your heat styling tools to help save your hair, but we will give you some tips to help reduce the overall damage heat causes!

Sometimes it’s best just to skip a day. If you don’t need to style your hair for the day, then don’t! Giving it a break, even just a few days a week will help lower the damage and look so much healthier! Avoiding the heat styling tools as much as possible is a great start.

Helpful hint here! When you are using any kind of a heat styling tool, ALWAYS use a heat thermal spray to help protect your hair! Personally we love Aquage Beyond Body spray and EiMi Thermal Image spray.

Depending on your hair texture, you need to adjust the temperature of your tool. If you have thick and coarse hair, you can use a higher heat. But work your way up to a higher heat so you don’t burn your hair! If you have thinner, more fine hair, you do not need to use a lot of heat to get the look you desire. Smaller sections can help you style quicker, even with less heat!

Another way you can help with damage is hydrating your hair with treatments. Heat dehydrates your hair so when using heat styling tools, try using a conditioning treatment before and/or after to keep it from drying out!

These few tips will get you on the way to better hair! While we know it is hard to avoid using your favorite heat styling tool, these few steps can help avoid the damage it brings.

Milbon Repair Treatment


Healthy looking hair is always the goal, right? This can be hard to achieve at times as most of us know. One way we can help out our hair is by doing treatments to give back nutrients that the hair is lacking. M.J. Capelli has recently brought on a new product line called Milbon! They carry life changing treatments that we think you will love! Today we will be talking about Milbon’s Repair Collection!

This repair treatment is ideal for damaged, over-processed hair. Milbon prides itself on what they call “Instant Gratification,” meaning you can see the incredible results after just the first treatment! It’s considered a deep conditioning service designed specifically to rebuild and strengthen the inside and outside of the hair strand. It uses silk and protein to restore the hair’s integrity and shine. With a take-home booster included in your service, you can enjoy long lasting results for up to five weeks.


Included here is a wonderful before and after. Look at that amazing difference! Start on your journey to healthier hair and book a Milbon treatment. You will love the long lasting results! Check out our website to find a location near you!

Benefits of Conditioning Treatments

At M.J. Capelli, our stylists use only the best products to provide you with an amazing experience when you visit us. We always want to be sure we are taking the extra steps to protect and take care of your hair. One way we love to give your hair some extra love is with hair masks and conditioning services. Read on to learn about the amazing benefits of adding a conditioning product to your routine!

At some point we’ve all thought our hair feels a bit dry, and considering our climate that is a very normal feeling. Many things can cause dry hair and everyone has had to deal with it. Introducing a quick mask into your daily routine has so many added benefits, whether you pick up a product while you are getting one of our wonderful services done or add on a conditioning service while you are getting pampered. You will surely notice a difference!

As many of us love to color our hair, sometimes it can be a bit damaging. Your hair gets stripped of its natural moisture and oils when we color and lighten it so it’s super important to treat it! Your hair will also go through damage from other elements such as everyday wear like brushing and regular washing. Heat styling as well can weaken the hair strand and cause damage and breakage. Conditioning services and take home hair masks will help add back hydration, nourishment, moisture, and shine back into your hair.

If you wish to strengthen and add moisture back into your hair, come visit us at one of our five MJ Capelli locations in the Fargo/Moorhead area! We would love to help you on your hair journey and leave you feeling and looking as good as we can. We have so many incredible options to suit your busy lifestyles and can’t wait to help you give your hair some love!

At Home How-To’s: Pull Through Ponytail

With summer almost here, why not show you some quick and easy styles you can wear even at the lake or dress up and wear to a wedding or date night! This will be the first in a blog series of quick at home styles you can whip up in no time! They work for all hair types and can be modified to suit your hair.

For this style you will need a curling iron of your choice, with a thermal heat spray of course! You also will need some hair clips, a few hair ties and some hairspray. A cute accessory is also optional.

Step 1: Use a thermal heat spray (Wella-Thermal Image) on your hair before curling. Then spray with a hairspray of your choice (Aluram Finishing Spray) and brush out curls.

Step 2: Section out the front two sections of hair vertically from the ear forward.

Step 3: Pull all of the remaining hair in the back into a low ponytail. Tie off with a hair tie.

Step 4: Take the front two sections one at a time and twist them away from the face. Pull them apart and tie them together at the back of the head, just above the previous ponytail. Make sure to leave a little slack. Feel free to leave out some face framing pieces in the front!

Step 5: Take those two sections between your pointer and thumb fingers and twist it to the side. Pull the low ponytail through that loop you just made and pull the sections tight!

Step 6: Spray with hairspray to finish the style and feel free to add a cute accessory!

Hope you loved this quick, cute style! Stay tuned for another At Home How-To!

Is Your Shampoo and Conditioner the Best for You?

Are you feeling like your hair is dull, dingy, or even laying flat? Maybe it’s time to change up your shampoo and conditioner. You should consider switching over to a salon-quality set and here’s why!

Simply put, professional products are better for your hair in the long run! They don’t have the harsh chemicals that drugstore products have, which cause damage. It may seem like you are saving money this route, but you probably find yourself later needing to repair your hair with quality products or services in the salon.

The most obvious benefit is color preservation. If you have color treated hair, it is imperative that your shampoo and conditioner help preserve that vibrancy. Drugstore products tend to strip the hair of that color, which then causes fading and more frequent color appointments.

Buying your shampoo and conditioner in the salon also helps produce less waste, since you don’t need to use as much product at a time! A little goes a long way with this more sustainable solution! Plus, with fewer toxic chemicals used, your hair will love the all-natural ingredients.

Helpful hint here: If you are having trouble deciding if you should switch your products or even where to start, please call or visit any of our locations! We would love to help direct you towards the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs.

Professional products are designed for hair types. It’s super important to be using products that will help your hair to achieve your desired outcome. For example, if you are having scalp problems, there is an array of different shampoos and conditioners in the salon that provide relief for exactly that problem! Feeling like your hair is lying too flat and you aren’t getting enough volume? We have products for that too! Whatever your hair is lacking, switching over to professional level shampoo and conditioner is the best thing you could do for yourself!